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The two main places to discuss about are:

These are the best places to get started if you’re stuck on something, think you may have hit a bug, have a suggestion for the greatest feature ever or if you just want to say hello.

If you can't find help there, or you need professional support, please consider contracting our extended support when purchasing your license, and if you need commercial information, do not hesitate on writing at

Partners Network

Despite we don't have released it yet, still working on creating a large partners community directory to provide our users a way to get in touch with the best related technologies, simplifying even more the development of their projects obtaining also some privileges. of Parents in which there are already some important actors of the IoT behavior, that's why with so we continue working on creating a nice partners community. partners

IoT service providers

  • Sigfox: global communication service provider for IoT

  • Node-RED: Open Source-Rule Engine for IoT projects

  • Talent Swarm: Industrial Digital Tweens experts

  • UC3M GIAA: Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics experts

  • Fundación UNED: complementary education for engineers

Hardware providers and manufacturers

  • Espressif Systems: designs a range of high-performance Wi-Fi+Bluetooth/BLE chipsets and modules.

  • Theobroma Systems: High performance Hardware developers for devices, gateways and servers.

  • SeeedStudio: Whether you are a developer, technical supplier, or industry player, we provide products and services for your IoT needs.

How to become a partner

There are multiple ways in which we can collaborate depending on your business model and services, so do not hesitate on writing us your proposal at or fill this form to benefit of better contracting conditions, access to our developers community or being an active part of Platform contributors, that are helping us to continue growing this technology in the best direction.

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