This documentation provides information about the mobile app of the IoT platform. This way you will learn how to manage different elements of the platform on your smartphone. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store and it is ready for being downloaded.

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Add Device

First of all, you need to scan a token QR of one of your devices. Read Device Tokens section here to learn how to generate your tokens in the console. Keep in mind that also you can add a device from other users if you have the appropriate token. If you haven't a token device yet you can try the app with this one:

deviceC token QR

You can scan your tokens pressing the QR icon on the top of main screen and aiming with your camera to your QR. Now you can view the scanned devices on the main screen.

scanner device list

Receive and send data

With the app is very easy to check the status of your devices. All resources of the device are divided in different cards with all the available information. You can visualize and update output resources, edit and post input resources and call run resources.

It is possible to update a resource pressing the blue button or all of them dragging the screen downward (pull-to-refresh).

For post a resource you must fill the input fields and press the green button. If you don't fill some field, the post is done with the latest value (in grey).

For call to run resources just press the paper plane icon.

input resource run resource pull to refresh


A cool function of the app is how easy is monitor your resources in real time with three different charts types: lines, bars and pie chart.

If you select the option Charts of a resource, you can visualize it. And it is very easy select which items you want to plot. Behind the chart there is the legend. Pressing on every item you can select/unselect them. Keep in mind that you can represent numbers, but no strings o booleans. Additionally, the pie chart just works with positive numbers.

Do you want to try another amazing function? Rotate your device and watch the charts in full screen.

full screen chart


For every device added to your smartphone you can edit some settings. For access to the device settings, you must press the wheel button on the top of the screen.

settings deviceC token QR

Name is an alias for your added devices. It is very useful if you want to identify devices from another person.

If you are not using the server, you must change Server element to point to your server. Read the deployment section for more information if you are interested in use your own server.

Inside the Token QR section you can visualize the token for share with a friend.

The button Remove deletes the device from the smartphone.