This section explains how to perform the process of subscription and deployment of a private platform server.

Freemium accounts are perfect for learning and testing platform with only few limitations, however, for getting the best performance and reliability of this platform and access to some advanced features that are essential for professional use, it is necessary to deploy a private Server.

Private Instance Benefits supports private cloud deployments that can be automatically launched from the pricing page. Private instances are isolated servers for each customer, so the instance is not shared with other thousands of users from our community.

Next list details every Private instances advantages:

  • 100% Private Server, hosted in AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure cloud providers, or on-premise host.

  • Unlimited devices, Dashboards, Data Buckets, Access Token & sampling intervals

  • Plugins System Deployment with different extensions available.

  • File Storage System that allows saving context data or any kind of files

  • Multiple User Support allows to create and manage individual customer accounts in your server.

  • Multi-Tenancy Support with multiple web-console rebranding profiles and web domains hosted by just one server instance.

  • Support for multiple databases with real-time data aggregation

Hosting options

Private instances can be deployed within minutes over the main cloud provider hosts but also in an On-premise server:

Managing subscription