Service Level Agreement

This document contains the supplementary provisions on availability, maintenance, and response and recovery times for the platform as a service (PaaS) provided by THINGER.IO.

Service Availability

The Service will be considered available so long as Customer is able to log in to its interface and view Customer Data ("Service Availability"). The applicable Service Availability will be calculated as a percentage of: (1) the total number of minutes in a month after (2) subtracting any periods of unavailability during such month from the total number of minutes in a month.

  • Single Server Availability: 95-99%

  • Cluster Server Availability: 99,999%

Note that offers multiple subscriptions to suit the needs of each client and project, the terms of this agreement are the same for each of them, however, the applicable KPIs vary. The following list provides an overview of these metrics:


System recovery time depends on the criticality of the issue and the service level, provides the following recovery attributes:

Fail typeBasicProfessional

Instance event

3-8 h


Host event



Remedy and Procedure

The customer’s remedy and the procedure shall be applied when the customer faces a downtime situation.

  1. There must be a support ticket documenting the reported un-Availability within five (5) Business Days of the end of the service interruption;

  2. There are no invoice amounts on the customer’s account on which the customer is in default;

  3. The customer must notify at least be email within five (5) Business Days by opening a support ticket and providing the following details together:

    1. List the individual functional areas of the service that were affected

    2. List the server web domains that were affected

    3. List the date and time the Downtime occurred

    4. List usernames and email addresses affected by the Downtime

    5. List and estimate of the amount of actual Downtime in minutes

    6. Include a description of the problem

Service terminacion request

Any customer who faces a Service Availability below those indicated in the table may request termination of the service. Such termination will be effective as of the end of the then-current billing period and no additional fees will be charged.

TimingSingle ServerCluster Server

Single calendar month

90.0 %


Two consecutive calendar months

95.0 %


Downtime hours can be also be redeemed by credits at a 1:1 ratio.

Additional terms and definitions

Additional terms in bold below for the purpose of this SLA are defined as follows:

  • “Business Days” means Monday to Friday excluding January 1 and December 25.

  • “Business Hours” at means from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CET/CEST on Business Days.

  • “Downtime” means the total number of minutes, outside Scheduled and Regular Maintenance periods, that the customer cannot access the SaaS Service. The calculation of Downtime excludes time that the customer is unable to access the SaaS Service due to any of the following situations:

    • Scheduled Downtime

    • Customer’s own internet service provide

    • Force majeure event

    • Any systemic internet failures

    • Any failure in the customer’s own hardware, software or network connection

    • Customer’s bandwidth restrictions

    • Customer’s acts or omissions

    • Anything outside of the reasonable control of

    • Customer negligences and unscalable infrastructure use, including server CPU or RAM overloads.

Support Helpdesk

Service Scope Support Helpdesk provides technical support and help on all products and services. It can be reached via email, or web portal. and under the following conditions.

The following aspects are covered by the Support Helpdesk:

  • System service interruption/outage

  • System service updates/maintenance

  • System service behavior that is not in line with what the customer’s users expect

  • Support regarding functionality.

The following aspects are NOT covered by the Support Helpdesk:

  • Requests from third-party provider(s) of the customer

  • Networks, devices, servers and workstations managed by the customer

  • Requests regarding configuration and customization of products and services.

Support helpdesk availability Support Helpdesk is available on Business Days via E-mail at on Business Days from 8.00 a.m. - 22.00 p.m. CET/CEST this service will be provided indifferently from Spain and Mexico in English or Spanish.

Support Helpdesk Response Time

The Support Helpdesk Response Time is defined as the time from when the customer enters the request into the ticketing system or from when receives an email from the customer to the time when replies and starts working on the request. The Response Time is calculated based on the Service Times defined in the table down below. The maximum Response Times vary depending on the severity of the incident and the SLA level; the priority for resolution is determined by when evaluating the customer’s request.

PriorityDescription faultResponse Time


Use of the Software or substantial parts thereof or complete processes is impossible

1 hour


Use of the Software is substantially impaired, but basic use is possible

8 hours


The SaaS Service is available but exhibits minor problems not affecting the result

Under discretion

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