Server Logs server instances provide a logging console, that allows to visualize the program status and events in real-time. These data can be used to evaluate the behavior of the server or any integration that is being developed.

This feature is only available for the instance's manager account

Start Logging

Follow the next steps to start logging the events of the server instance:

  1. Go to "Cluster Hosts" section of main menu. The Host list will display all the server instances that have been connected in the same cluster classified by its web domain.

  2. Click the desired instance to access the server administration panel

  3. On the right top corner, choose "Logs" tab to open the logging console

  4. Press "Connect" button to start the log sampling

The structure of the log entries consists of six columns in which the following data is specified:

  • Date: YYYY-MM-DD

  • Hour: HH:MM:SS.SSS

  • PC: Program Counter in seconds

  • Working Thread: program has been created to optimize host architecture with multithread execution. This column identifies the thread that managed each event.

  • Program Module: This column informs about the feature that is being used by each event.

  • Message: Is the log content including a message type identification and a description





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